• Fail Proof Roasted Carrots #vegetables #roasted #healthy #carrots #easy #summer #vegetarian
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    Fail Proof Roasted Carrots

    Life is all about learning. Learning usually consists of several attempts, several fails, and the ability to get back up again. This I know for sure. Another thing I know for sure is that there are few exceptions to that rule… these carrots are one of them. My Fail Proof Roasted Carrots are a stepping stone to tons of carrot variations. Master this (it literally won’t take long) and the sky’s the limit.  Almost too pretty to eat, right? A quick note on change. It’s SO scary. Like why? I’m a creature of habit. I love having a schedule, something predictable, a well thought out day. But life just isn’t…

  • Triple Berry Smoothie #healthy #smoothie #summer #vegetarian #berries
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    Triple Berry Smoothie

    Smoothies are my go-to breakfast option. They are quick, easy, great for on-the-go, and can be as sinful or sinfully healthy as you want. This Triple Berry Smoothie is a oldy, but a goody. Plus the color is SO pretty. This one feels more decadent with the creamy nut butter drizzle. Amiright? The addition of the banana lends to making it extra creamy without an overpowering banana taste. We often stock up on family size frozen fruit from BJ’s. They have a wide array of Organic fruit options like our favorite, Wellsley Farms, amongst others. We typically have the triple berry, tropical mix, blueberries, and frozen avocados on hand at all…

  • Simple Balsamic Marinated Kabobs #summer #entertaining #simple #kabobs #marinade #sustainable #easy #BBQ
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    Simple Balsamic Marinated Kabobs

    It’s officially Summer! Spend more time outside with the help of these suuuuper Simple Balsamic Marinated Kabobs and your grill. Invite friends and family over. Kickback, relax, converse, listen to music. All of THAT is what makes great summer memories.  We kicked off our summer grilling season this past weekend which just so happened to be Father’s Day! We spent the day together – Park, walks, food, sunshine. I loved seeing my family together enjoying the outdoors and eating good food. Grilling outside this past weekend brought back memories of my childhood. I didn’t realize that a world without backyard grills, hamburgers, kabobs, grilled vegetables, side salads, and refreshing drinks…

  • dairy free whipped cream #dairyfree #coconutmilk #vegan #dessert #easy
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    Dairy Free Whipped Cream

    This Dairy Free Whipped Cream is a staple recipe. It’s quick, easy, requires less than five ingredients, and allows you to have all the great taste of traditional whipped cream without the dairy setbacks. I LOVE anything whipped, and have been known to eat almost an entire container of whipped cream, leaving me feeling bloated and albeit full. So, I’ve had to purposely NOT purchase it. It’s just too good and I can’t be stopped. Cravings persisted and I wanted to enjoy a healthier version – one that I felt good about devouring. In walks Dairy Free Coconut Milk! Praise. I use Whole Foods 365 Organic Coconut Milk (full fat)…

  • Raw Cucumber and Broccoli Salad with Butter Beans and Parsley - Summer entertaining made quick and easy. #cucumber #summersalad #freshsalad #simplesides #broccoli #cucumber #beansalad #summer
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    Raw Cucumber and Broccoli Salad with Butter Beans and Parsley

    Lets all just take a moment and reflect on how emotional food is. Like music, food can transport you to a different time and place. It brings people together. It evokes memories of all kinds. And if you’re lucky, it’s beautiful to look at. Food can make you happy and heal you when you’re sad. Cooking food is an art. Photographing food is another. There are healthy relationships with food and there are poor ones. Food is so powerful. And for all of these reasons, I love food so much. Luckily, in this season of my life, I choose healthy(ish – it’s about balance) fresh foods that make me and…