• dairy free whipped cream #dairyfree #coconutmilk #vegan #dessert #easy
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    Dairy Free Whipped Cream

    This Dairy Free Whipped Cream is a staple recipe. It’s quick, easy, requires less than five ingredients, and allows you to have all the great taste of traditional whipped cream without the dairy setbacks. I LOVE anything whipped, and have been known to eat almost an entire container of whipped cream, leaving me feeling bloated and albeit full. So, I’ve had to purposely NOT purchase it. It’s just too good and I can’t be stopped. Cravings persisted and I wanted to enjoy a healthier version – one that I felt good about devouring. In walks Dairy Free Coconut Milk! Praise. I use Whole Foods 365 Organic Coconut Milk (full fat)…

  • Simple Dutch Baby Pancake #breakfast #easy #pancake #recipe #mothersday
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    Simple Dutch Baby Pancake by Grace Basinger

    Mother’s Day – the perfect opportunity to eat pancakes in bed. This Simple Dutch Baby Pancake comes together in under 30 minutes, and paired alongside coffee, fruit, eggs, or perhaps a mimosa, makes for the easiest breakfast in bed or brunch spread! I’m about to get sappy, because I’m a mom and can, SO! If you want to skip directly to my grandmothers Dutch Baby Pancake, keep scrolling. If not, here is my dedication to my sister, Paige, on this, her first Mother’s Day. This is Paige’s first Mother’s Day, so I’d like to dedicate this post & recipe to her. Paige was my first true friend and now that…

  • Harlow's First Birthday Downy Yellow Butter Cake with Lemon Buttercream frosting by Brooke Basinger and Grace Basinger #crumbcoat #barecake #Lemon #buttercream
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    Grandma Grace’s Downy Yellow Butter Cake

    This is IT: Grandma Grace’s Downy Yellow Butter Cake. Make it, file this under “special recipes” and keep it forever. That’s what I’m doing. Maybe this will be a new birthday tradition – me making Harlow my Grandmother Grace’s cake. Yeah, I think that sounds nice. As I sit down to write this post, I realize that I don’t have any photographs of my Grandma, which makes me feel like I’m missing something inside. And a bit sad as some of my earliest life memories were of making food in her kitchen. Her kitchen in Indian Brook – with it’s classical music playing softly in the background from this tiny…

  • Harlow's First Birthday Downy Yellow Butter Cake with Lemon Buttercream frosting by Brooke Basinger and Grace Basinger #crumbcoat #barecake #Lemon #buttercream
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    Harlow’s First Birthday

    Harlow’s FIRST Birthday. Our Harlow Louise. The little girl who forever changed our world. Sometimes I can’t believe I am actually a parent. Like how did that happen? I mean, I know how it happened … humph. But if I am being completely honest, I never thought I was going to be a mom. I toyed around with the idea that, yea maybe, I would/could, but with my age slowly creeping towards mid-thirties I accepted that it wasn’t in the cards for me. Then it happened. I became a mom on March 28, 2017 to the most perfect, beautiful, amazing baby girl. My universe expanded. My heart exploded. I was…